Hensoldt ZF 3-12x56


Cassidian Hensoldt riflescope Hensoldt

ZF 3-12x56 SF / FF

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When using a telescopic sight with a night-vision attachment, every centimeter counts depending on the assembly options on the weapon. The objective during development of the 3 – 12 x 56 telescopic sight was to deliver maximum performance while maintaining a short optical system. The 3-12x56, for example, provides an adjustment range of 400 cm at 100 m.

The reticle features a .5 MRAD scale located in the bottom right corner of the field of view that includes a chevron showing the amount of elevation dialed into the turret. This allows the user to know the amount of elevation clicked onto the elevation turret while still maintaining a target visually through the scope.
The small triangle will actually climb the ladder as the elevation turret is turned, allowing the shooter to see the exact elevation adjustment being dialed without looking at the turret. Since the reticle is illuminated, the chevron and elevation scale can be seen in low light conditions.

The same .5 MRAD scale can also be used for ranging purposes more accurately than a standard mil-dot reticle. Add to this the fact that the center line height of the scope was made to line up perfectly with the NSV 80 Night Vision optic from Hensoldt and you might have the greatest sniper scope of all time.

Hensoldt ZF 3-12x56 FF Riflescope

Scope Weight

800 g

Magnification Range

3 to 12x

Scope objective diameeter


Field of view

117m to 34m (at 1000 m)

Scope Turret Adjustment:

.1 Mil

Illuminated Reticleyes


Scope Finish

matte black

Diopter adjustment

-2.5 to +2 dp


Approximately 91%

Elevation/azimuth clicks stops

0.1 mrad (1cm/100m)

Max. elevation adjustment range



1st image plane

Reticle illumination


Automatic reticle illumination shut off

after 3 h (adjustable according to customer needs)

Low battery display

optical, illuminated reticle pulses after it is turned on

Power supply

3 V CR 2032 to -20°C button cell


325x94x77 mm

Ring diameter


Environmental test

MIL-STD-810G, DIN ISO 9022 (excerpt)


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Hensoldt ZF 3-12x56

Hensoldt ZF 3-12x56

Cassidian Hensoldt riflescope Hensoldt

ZF 3-12x56 SF / FF

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